Visual Storytelling for Today's Marketplace

In today’s digital landscape, video is paramount for marketing and storytelling, capturing audiences like never before. At Son Gallery, we’re not just photographers—we’re artists and storytellers. With over 25 years in food photography, mastering lighting, scene setting, and food styling, we now extend our expertise to specialized videography services.

Our video services offer dynamic ways for restaurant owners, F&B marketers, and designers to showcase electronic menus, enhance social media, and improve storefront displays. With our extensive prop and tableware collection, we ensure a streamlined and cost-effective production process.


Precision in Motion

Our cutting-edge MoCo system, once exclusive to Hollywood and high-end commercials, is now enhancing your F&B promotion projects. This advanced technology offers unparalleled stability and versatility, perfect for capturing both rapid and detailed slow-motion sequences.

What sets our MoCo system apart is its ability to execute and repeat precise camera movements that are impossible with human handheld techniques. This capability not only enhances creative storytelling but also simplifies post-production. It allows for the replication of unique shots multiple times, ensuring consistency and high quality in your visual content. This Hollywood-level technology is exceedingly rare in Hong Kong, making our services uniquely sophisticated for enhancing social media content and TV signage.

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Slow Motion, High Impact

Discover the intricate beauty of culinary art in unprecedented detail with our high-speed camera capabilities, able to shoot up to 1000 frames per second. This technology allows us to slow down footage up to approximately 30 times the normal speed, delivering an artistic and captivating presentation that highlights the intricate beauty and complexity of culinary actions. From the crack of a crispy crust to the dynamic dance of spices in the air, these slow-motion captures are not only visually striking but are also a staple in high-end food commercials. Now, this prestigious technology is available for your projects, enhancing even the smallest production to create grand visual narratives.

Combining deep-rooted experience, advanced equipment, and a vast prop collection, Son Gallery stands as a committed partner in food advertising. We invite you to step beyond the usual and embark on a visual storytelling journey with us, creating something truly spectacular together.

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